Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Brawl Has Begun!!!

Lets get this out of the way. If you own a Wii and don't own Super Smash Bros Brawl there is something wrong with you. Brawl IS the best game Wii has to offer period.

Now with that out of the way lets get on with the review. Smash Brothers is total fan service and this is coming from a Sega fan. I'll admit I played the other Smash Bros games and never really got the bug. However there is simply so much stuff in Brawl that you will find something to like.

First off I'm not gonna talk about the games graphics simply because it's on the Wii and that's not exactly the Wii's strong point. They look a bit better then Melee that's all I'll say. The soundtrack is all over the place. There are great new songs and awesome older songs for example the green hill zone music from Sonic The Hedgehog. That being said there are some songs that seem out of place particularly in the Story mode where most of the music is epic but there are a few little midi pieces that just seem wrong.

Speaking of the story mode its far more in depth then any of its predecessors. But It's more or less a total Kingdom Hearts rip off right down to the enemies almost being exactly like Heartless. But thats not a bad thing as Kingdom Hearts is great so it would make sense that taking ideas from greatness would produce more greatness. Playing through the story mode will unlock almost all of the characters and there are a TON of characters. The story mode entitled Subspace Emissonary plays out like a side scrolling brawler, you will fight enemies as you advance and there will be a bit of platforming here and there as well. You will also fight some bosses some old and some new. The story is quite long considering how much other stuff is on the disc clocking in at about 7-10+ hrs depending on your skill and which difficultly level you choose to play at.

Other then the story mode you have the Basic Brawl which you can edit some options to make Brawls more fun or hectic, Event Mode in which you will compete in a ton of different events, Boss Battle mode, Online Brawl, Level editor and more. Honestly it would take me awhile to list all the stuff Brawl has to offer. I said it before the sheer amount of stuff they managed to stuff into Brawl is mind boggling. Snake alone has 30+ different secret taunts that have full conversations with other MGS characters through the use of Codec screens. Like I said Brawl is a game full of Fan service.

Brawl allows you to play many different ways. You can use the Wii mote alone or with nunchuk, Classic controller, or if you still have a Gamecube controller you can use that as well. No matter which way you play the controls work great. In the case of the Wii mote and nunchuk combo the game works surprisingly well. But like I said all the methods work great.

Online play is great and for the most part lag free although there will be a few matches with lots of lag. The only down point is not being able to invite friends but Nintendo could fix this with a patch in the future and with how fun the game is who cares anyway.

So there you have it Brawl IS the best game the Wii has to offer if you own a Wii you should own this game. It's that simple. There is simply so much to do and unlock in Brawl that you could be playing for more then a year without even adding the online play into the mix. With the online it's endless. Brawl is also the perfect party game. So go out pick it up invite a few friends over and have a blast. You will have a hard time finding a funner game anywhere else for quite a while.

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