Monday, April 7, 2008

Ryu comes to the DS.

I know what you all are thinking. Ninja Gaiden on the DS pffff. Yeah well that's justified but don't go discounting Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword just yet. Many wondered what Team Ninja was thinking when they announced a Ninja Gaiden game for the DS wondering how could the fast paced game play be translated over to the DS. Well let me tell you the game still feels just like Ninja Gaiden.

First off Ninja Gaiden DS is a very pretty game. The backgrounds are pre rendered giving the game a very crisp look. While talking to NPCs and during story segments the game utilizes a anime art style that is used to great effect it fits the Ninja Gaiden universe very well. The animation is about as good as it gets on the DS.

When it comes to game play the DS touch screen and stylus are put to full use. In fact that's all you will be using as everything in the game is controlled via the stylus. You will move by using the stylus similar to a mouse, Where you point Ryu will move. Attacking is as simple as using the stylus to slash enemies and Ryu will follow suit or tap a enemy to throw stars or shoot arrows at them. There are also more complex moves that require a bit more skill such as the Izuna Drop but that's the gist off it. You can also Block and while blocking simply making a movement with the stylus will result in a dodge that will be vital to surviving combat.

The story while simple is welcome to fans of the Ninja Gaiden series. It follows Ryu on his journey to rescue Kunoichi in training Momoji who happens to be the sister of the Shrine Maiden Kureha who some will remember dies at Doku's hands in the first game. While on his mission to rescue Momoji Ryu quickly finds out there is alot more going on then he first thought and it quickly becomes a mission to not only save Momoji but the world. Like I said the story is simple do to the nature of the game. Basically you will get a cut scene before and after each chapter. That said the game does still manage to introduce some compelling new characters such as the earlier mentioned Momoji and its nice to learn abit more about the inhabitants of the Hayabusa Village.

Any fan of the action genre will find alot to like in Ninja Gaiden DS. Fans of the series may find the game play a bit to easy but will enjoy the storyline regardless. So all in all it's a great game that may come as a shock to fans that thought Ninja Gaiden DS would be nothing more then a cash in. Team Ninja brought their trademark polish to the game and its a welcome addition to the Ninja Gaiden universe.

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