Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Heads Up: Prototype

Prototype ring a bell? No? Shame on you! Prototype is the next game coming from Radical Entertainment of Hulk Ultimate Destruction and Simpsoms Hit and Run.

Have you played either of those games and thought "Hmmm I wonder what this would be like without the license holding it back?" Well we are about to find out as Prototype is just that. Radical Entertainment are Open World masters and its just the type of game environment that they thrive at creating. And for the first time they are making a Open World game not being held back by a license. What should you expect from Prototype? Well you should expect it to be the new standard in Open World gaming. You can also expect it to make games like Crackdown look shallow by comparison.

IGN recently published a article previewing the game and I highly suggest it for a read as it is very interesting. Radicals goal isn't to throw you into a world and build you up as you deal with bigger and bigger problems. No they are going to give you all that power from the very beginning see how you use it to adapt to the situations you may face. What do I mean by power? The better question would be what don't I mean. There is almost nothing you won't be able to do. Wanna just go commando style sure, Use mutant like powers to destroy all foes? no problem, Use super human speed, strength and agility to out maneuver enemies? You got it!!!

I could sit here all day and praise what Prototype is attempting to accomplish but I don't have that kind of time. If you wanna know more I highly suggest you check out the IGN preview of the game.

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