Tuesday, January 22, 2008

EGM let slip PS3 Ninja Gaiden II?

Recently a page in an issue of EGM seems to have let slip the fact that Ninja Gaiden II is coming to PS3. Is this true? Well yes and no.

While it is true that Tecmo/Team Ninja owns Ninja Gaiden and can technically do whatever they want with the IP Microsoft is publishing Ninja Gaiden II. That alone makes the chance of Ninja Gaiden II coming to PS3 very unlikely.

Now that being said I am certain Ninja Gaiden II will be coming to PS3 at some point in time. Ninja Gaiden Sigma II anyone? Remember all Ninja Gaiden Sigma was, was a remake of the Xbox exclusive Ninja Gaiden. And like I said Team Ninja does indeed own the Ninja Gaiden IP so taking into account their tendency to re-release games it's almost a certainty.

So what of EGM? Well the whole thing was in a listing not a article so it is very likely that it was simply a typo. Considering the popularity of the Ninja Gaiden series it's easy to see why there has been such a fuss.

UPDATE: As predicted EGM has stated that the PS3 listing for Ninja Gaiden II was simply a mistake.

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