Saturday, December 15, 2007

New FFXIII and FFversusFXIII trailers!!!

For those of you that don't know there are new Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers up all over the net. While they aren't the newest trailers shown in the Square Enix closed mega theater at this years Tokyo Game Show they are newer then the ones that have been available for awhile now. While the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer is more or less just a extended version of the fight from the original it's still very much worth a look. The Final Fantasy XIII trailer shows off a lot more then the first trailer. Battle scenes are extended and there are some impressive views of a lush jungle valley. You will also get a peek at Shiva and a new character who to me looks to be inspired by Final Fantasy VIII's Seifer in his Kingdom Hearts 2 form.

One thing that really excites me is a scene in which Lightning throws a grav bomb into a group of enemies and as she dashes toward the enemies the camera pans a bit and then she is in a battle. If this transition is anything like what battles will be like in the final version of the game that really excites me. It makes sense as one of the producers of the game said one of the exciting things about working with the PS3 is that there will be no load times and this could be a way to phase out the shattering glass effect seen in the older FF's. And all this is assuming that Final Fantasy XIII doesn't use the battle system from Final Fantasy XII which some people are assuming is going to happen. However I don't recall Square Enix stating one way or the other.

Either way you can find the trailers here at Final Fantasy or here at N4G and you can always Google them as well. Enjoy.

UPDATE: has released 1080p versions of the new trailers which can be downloaded and watched on your PS3 if you so please. Give them a click as they have done a good job getting the trailers in 1080p you can get them here.

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