Friday, February 1, 2008

Best Wii game ever?

So whats the best Wii game ever you ask? I'll tell you it's No More Heros. Now before all the fan boys go nuts let me it explain. No More Heros isn't better then Zelda or better then Mario it's simply different.

There is more style in 5 minutes of No More Heros then there is in the entirety of any other game out there. First off the graphics No More Heros uses is a Cel Shaded style and while that itself is nothing new the art style displayed is awesome.

Next we have the story which I won't spoil a bit of. This is one of those games where everything is so damn funny that you can't wait for the next cut scene. The voice acting for the main characters in the story is great. The game has such a wild sense of humor as is to be expected from Suda 51. There is a lot of otaku humor and if you are a otaku you will get a kick out of some of the jokes. Each character is unique and fun to watch and there are a lot of them. You will be fighting your way to number 1 and each new boss has their own distinct personality some are cool, some are scary and some are just plain nuts.

The game play is where the game really shines. No More Heros has some of the best combat controls seen on the Wii which is amazing when you consider how simplistic the combat really is. You are basically just pressing the A button over and over while moving the Wiimote in the right direction. While there is a bit more to it then that it's basically what it boils down to. What I think makes up for that is that there is always so much going on that you won't really notice that you are more or less just pressing the same button.

Now the game isn't perfect as there are a few issues. There is a lot of pop up in the games open world sections. The open world sections themselves are a bit weak as they seem more or less just a in between for the missions. There is also a bit of collision detection problems in the open world aspect as well. In all honesty most of the games problems stem from the open world aspect of the game. However after playing it it's hard to imagine another way the game could have been done without the open world aspect.

Ok so No More Heros isn't the best game on the Wii but it is by far the most original and stylish. If you own a Wii you owe it to yourself to play this game, the only reason you shouldn't would be if you are not a fan of violence. Otherwise this game should be in your collection.

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