Monday, February 11, 2008

Devil May Cry 4

So after much wait I have finally got my hands on Devil May Cry 4 and wow I must say I'm impressed. First off I played the game on the PS3 but I played on the demo on both platforms and I think the PS3 is the better choice. The PS3 requires a install but the install makes loading almost nonexistent and when you do see a loading screen it only lasts about 1-3 seconds. I also think the PS3 version has slightly sharper graphics. That being said the game is great no matter the platform.

As some may know Dante the DMC main stay takes a back seat most of the game to new comer Nero. Don't fret as you will be playing as Dante later in the game. DMC 4's story takes place in the City of Fortuna which at the beginning seems like any other overly religious community. Dante comes and seemingly for no reason kills the leader of this city. Nero takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of what has happened and the twists and turns begin. Now for those who don't like the fact that Dante isn't the main character I don't think you need to worry. In fact by the end of the game I found myself liking Nero far more then I ever liked Dante.

The games graphics are very very impressive. On PS3 second only to Uncharted. Devil May Cry 4 in my opinion has the best graphics on the 360 although I would bet some would argue that point. I just like the art style DMC4 brings and therefore like its look more then I would for say Gears Of War. Anyway back on track, the game has incredibly detailed character models and some extremely beautiful locals. The animations are also top notch its easy to see that Capcom gave DMC4 very high production value.

On the game play front not much is new. Playing Dante is very close to DMC3 only you can change styles on the fly instead of each mission simply press up, down, left or right on the D pad to select one of the 4 styles. Nero functions differently but DMC fans will be right at home. Nero has the unique Devil Bringer. With this tool he can grab and throw most enemies even most bosses for big damage. Over the course of the game the Devil Bringer will gain new abilities such as being able to grab from afar and pull the enemy to you or grabbing a enemy and using it as a shield. As is the DMC way you will be trying to rack up huge combos in a effort to boost your style rating which at the end of each mission will be used to grant you proud souls which can be exchanged for new upgrades. Variety is key as spamming the same move may be easy but it won't result in a good rank which in the long run hurts you as you will have less new moves to use against your foes. In a way the game forces you to be creative in your fighting or suffer. Some may think this is a bad thing however I found it made the game far less repetitive.

So all in all while Devil May Cry 4 doesn't do much new its still a incredible game with astonishing production values. It's definitely a game that you can show off to friends to make them say wow. Any action fan should throughly enjoy Devil May Cry 4 and other should give it a shot.

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