Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is GDC the new E3?

So with all the big news coming out of GDC already many may be wondering is GDC the new E3? In the past E3 was the place where all the bombshell news was released. However last years E3 saw almost no big announcements at all. GDC is only 3 days in and already we have more big news then all of last years E3. Gears Of War 2(meh) Ninja Gaiden II release date June 3(yay) and we might finally get to play some of the XNA games Microsoft talked about so much and we can even play some of them on our Zunes.

GDC isn't even over yet as we have yet to see what most of the bigger developers have to say. So is GDC the new E3 or will E3 make up for last years lack luster showing? It will be pretty hard for E3 to make the industry buzz like it used to.

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