Monday, November 12, 2007

COD 4 Own it!!!

So now that Call of Duty 4 is out people have been asking is it better then Halo 3? Simple answer is yes but its really like comparing apples to oranges. Where Halo is more of a fast pace action shooter COD4 requires more planning. Thats not to say you can't run in guns blazing but it will more than likely get you killed.

First off Call of Duty 4 in my opinion has the best graphics thus far on a console. The sound design is absolutely incredible you will drool if you have a good 5.1 set up. The game play is as tight as it gets. It amazes me that Infinity Ward got a game that looks this good to run at a constant 60fps with never a bit of slowdown.

The single player campaign is brief about 4-5hrs but you can extend this by trying the game on a harder difficulty. The battles that you take part in are mind boggling. At times the amount of action is so intense you may need to pause the game and take a breather. The story is your typical action movie fare nothing you haven't seen before. The set piece battles that you take part in will leave your jaw on the floor.

Enough about the single player though the people will be buying COD4 for its multi player. Perks are awesome and really add uniqueness to the experience. For those that don't know what perks are they are basically ability's that you can earn and equip on your custom classes. A few examples of perks are something like Last stand when you are killed you don't die right off the bat you pull out a sidearm and get a chance to finish the job. Or martyrdom a perk that drops a live grenade when you are killed. Deep impact a perk allowing your bullets to penetrate deeper through walls. These are only a few of the many perks in the game. But thats not it, as your rank increases you will unlock new game types, weapons, attachments, camo, challenges, and more. Thats the beauty with COD4's online play is that you are always unlocking things there is so much to unlock its insane. And if you ever manage to unlock it all you can then mess around mixing and matching to try and make the perfect class. But the most important thing about COD4 is it's incredibly fun.

So like I said COD4 and Halo 3 are apples and oranges I still love both games and I still play both. That being said if you own both games you will not need to bother with any other online shooter for quite some time. With COD4 being near identical on PS3 and 360 there is no reason not to on it on either console. You owe it to yourself to own this game or at the very least give it a rent you wont be sorry

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