Monday, November 26, 2007


So I have gotten quite a bit of play time in with Uncharted and I have to say I'm very impressed.
The thing thats strikes me most about Uncharted is how its just plain fun to play never does it get boring or tedious. You never get frustrated by the platforming or the shooting it's just so incredibly fun.

The graphics are some of the best seen on the PS3 thus far, the game is a treat for the eyes on a HDTV. Never a bit of slowdown although there is some screen tearing but not enough to pull you out of the experience. The jungles are vibrant and beautiful while the catacombs are dank and creepy. The vegetation in particular looks stunning as it sways and moves with the breeze. The effects of water on Nate's shirt after he comes out of a lake while simple looks stunning. Little details such as the explosion from a grenade or the water effects on the characters really is what makes this game so beautiful. And I haven't even gotten to the animation yet. Uncharted has bar none some of the best animations ever put in a game. Just little things like Nate flinching as bullets bounce off the cover he is hiding behind really brings the characters to life.

The Voice acting is perfect as well and not only in the cut scenes either. Nate will have you laughing and feeling for him as he is panicking while jumping from ledge to ledge his constant chatter to himself and Elena and Sully when they are around make him really feel like the everyman that Naughty Dog said he was supposed to be. The cut scenes are more cinematic then most films. They will have you laughing or being in suspense as to what is going to happen next. And the kicker is that you will care as the characters are so lovable. Naughty Dog did such a great job with the characters in Uncharted it makes me excited what we may see from them in the future.

The Game play as I mentioned earlier is just so fun, there is very rarely a lull in the action you are always either solving a puzzle, doing some incredible platforming, or gun fighting with enemies. The puzzles are fitting even if they are a bit to easy but that only serves to keep the pace of the game up and again not have a lull in the game play. The gun play is not to dissimilar from Gears Of War you have a cover system simply press circle and Nate will stick to the wall. You can pop out and shoot or blind fire. You can also roll in most directions and evade shots. You can also use Hand to Hand fighting combos if you so wish which are more useful then you may at first think. But where the game really shines is its platforming elements. It seems no matter what you do the game knows where you want to be. A death in the game will never be the games fault. In the older Tomb Raider games the grid like system in place would cause stupid death countless times, not so in Uncharted. This is how platforming should be in a game like this. Even though Tomb Raider Legend did away with the grid it could still learn a few things from Uncharted.

Uncharted is such a joy to play in every way. Never a lull in game play not even from a load screen as once you start there is no loading EVER. Lovable characters, great game play, awesome story, beautiful graphics. What more could you ask for? If you own a PS3 this game should be in you collection.

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