Monday, November 19, 2007

White Engine development hits a snag.

Square Enix has announced that the development of the White Engine has hit a snag and is moving along very slowly and as such Final Fantasy XIII will be delayed. For those that don't know the White Engine is Square Enix's in house engine that is the backbone behind FFXIII. Past expectations have placed the visuals that the White Engine can produce on par with those found in the film Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children. Square Enix reassured fans that the work on the White Engine will continue and that they haven't given up on it.

I personally hope that the White Engine makes it to the PS3 intact as I like the style it produces far more then something like say the Unreal Engine 3. Games running the UE3 have had many problems and it's worth noting it's hard to distinguish yourself from the pack when you look like everything else. Such as Gears Of War and Dark Sector looking so close it's hard to tell that they are in fact different games. Oddly enough one of the best looking UE3 games I have seen thus far is Square Enix's own The Last Remnant.

UPDATE: It would seem my worries on this story are for not as the source was in fact a mistranslation. During Square Enix's financial meeting the White Engine was mentioned only briefly and was not said to have development issues. Well that is certainly a load off my mind, I think I just heard a sigh of relief from a million SE fanboys.

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