Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Earthworm Jim to return?

If you don't know who Earthworm Jim is I suggest you slap yourself and go do some research. Earthworm Jim was a game back in the days of the Sega Genesis that had a good sense of humor and was one of the few games back then that really was fun and funny at the same time. You can then understand my excitement at the recent announcement that Interplay is re-opening its Dev studio.

Interplay has expressed interest in making sequels to Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance, MDK and more. All of these franchises are classics to be sure and if Interplay can get things right alot of gamers will be very happy. There is a problem however Interplay doesn't yet have the money to make this happen. As it is Interplay sold the rights to a Fallout MMO to fund the restart of the Dev. How Interplay will get the funds to get these games into development remains to be seen but here's hoping they find a way.

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